What To Do If You Suspect Roof Damage

Contact us for an appointment to inspect your roof and property. If damage warrants an insurance claim –

Here is our simple 5 step process…

1. You contact your insurance company to initiate the claim and inform them that you have hired a contractor to perform the work.

2. Once a claim is initiated, a claims adjuster will be assigned. At this point let them know that you want your contractor present when he/she comes out and therefore a time that works for both will be required.

3. We will then meet with the adjuster and assess your roof and property damage together. If the adjuster agrees with our assessment of damage to roof and collateral damage, he/she will write their own estimate and leave it with you/us. (If an agreement is not reached at that time, you have options that we can discuss).

4. Ashley Roofing & General Construction will then review that estimate in scope (amount of work) and pricing. If any adjustments need to be made we will contact your insurance company on your behalf and request anything not included in their initial estimate.

5. Once pricing and scope of work is agreed upon, we will schedule your work to begin. Work is completed in a timely manner and your property is back to or better than its condition prior to the storm.